Thursday, June 12, 2014

Book Haul

These are the books I hoarded last week. 

I haven't read a Levithan book before. His book seems interesting. It's a story of a genderless character who wakes up everyday in another person's body but remains in love with one person. Intriguing,isn't ?

Maybe One Day, is a story of friendship. Zoe and Olivia are best friends who have big dreams. Later on, Olivia gets sick with Leukemia.  Another cancer book which I hope won't be a flop like TFIOS.

I am curious why TFIOS is all the rage . I had already bought the Filipino edition when I discovered that powerbooks in Alabang restocked more copies. So I have Filipino and English versions.

     I found two interesting books at Powerbooks sale - both 70% off.  Literary horror novel slash historical fiction, The Black Isle is authored by Sandi Tan. It is a story of a woman who has third eye. Second, a young adult book,The Great Call of China, written by Cynthia Liu. Honestly, I bought this book only because of its cover lol.

                                          Which of the novels you want me to write a book review?