Monday, May 5, 2014

Beautiful Sunday #2

Hi! I am posting my Beautiful Sunday on a Monday -:) I was so wiped out last night after my Sunday bonding with my husband .It was Children's Day yesterday in Korea,though we are not kids anymore, nakisabay kami sa Holiday. I think this will be the last time na makakisabay kami sa holiday EVERRR!

To the highest level ang mga pila! 

I have been here in Korea several times but this was the first time I saw so many people out on the streets of downtown Jeonju.

Ansave ng pila ng J.CO?! According to my husband, this bakery has been serving Korean's discriminating taste buds since 1969. They must have been  serving  out of this world treats. Kelangan matikman ko to!

I was starved to death ; I thought I would pass out. So we opted to buy  grilled octopus ;  mas maikli ang pila. Pantawid gutom.


Thank heavens busog na. Tara! gala gallore na!

Jeondong Park
What makes this stretch in Jeondong park interesting is the fusion of modern and classical architecture. The picture on lower right  is the parking lot and on the upper right is the Hanok , guestroom in English. On the left side is a modern building that houses cosmetic stores, cafes, convenience store and several  knick knacks stores.

If you want to experience living in Korean traditional house Hanuk Stay is for you. I think the best season to experience Hanuk is spring time because the weather is just perfect and very conducive for exploring the national parks and visiting the landmarks.

First stop : Rice wine museum

 I accidentally tapped one of the bottles and nagdomino effect sya mga friends! I was so embarrassed. Imagine, I had to run after the rolling wine bottles so they won't fall off from the wooden platform and break into pieces.  Kahiya!

Miniature of traditional rice wine making

Naki bato na rin ako ng coins 

Next stop : Embroidery  and Antique museum

antique sewing machine


Antique rice holder 

Makakajevs pa ba kayo kung ganito ang arinola nyo?

Gintong antique na arinola! 

On streets of Jeondong:  

Real life Korean novela . Parang nanonood ka lang ng telenovela di ba?

Handmade toys

 Make and eat your own pancakes

Cute hair accessories

Kung trip nyo magpagawa ng painting ng jowa mo,pwede. - :)

 ahhh ice cream cone pala yun !

Of course ,our Sunday will not be complete without going to the church. I could not believe my eyes super dami tao this Sunday and kanya- kanyang selfie . 

Say Kimchi! 

Akala ko ba Children's day? I could count on my fingers the number of children I saw on the streets. Mukhang puro mga isip bata lang nakita ko e  -:) 

That's it pancit! How's your Sunday? 


  1. Hi Jen! Thank you for linking up :) My first time to hear Children's Day. I maybe wrong pero sana meron din sa Ph. Ang cute lang haha Yun lang, like you said it looks like the adults are those who are having a feast.

    Ang gaganda ng pinuntahan nyo na places. (sana marating ko din!) I particularly love the Church and the items in the museum. Yung rectangular pillows!! Lagi ko nakikita sa Korean drama. Recently yung sa Ok Jang jung, even the shoes. Kapag ako nakatapak sa SK dapat meron ako ng items na yan haha I'm curious about the marble structure sa gitna ng fountain at wishing well. Pair of shoes ba aha? What does it mean?

    At shempre ang food!!! I love all the street food... including the cone hahaha

    alam ko late na but i hope you are having a great week!

    1. Uu sana may Children's Day din sa Pinas. They also celebrate Parents' day every 8th of May.

      Actually di ko rin alam kung anung meaning nun pair of shoes na yun :) I am sure you'll like the street food, healthy and masarap yun lang mahaba talaga pila sa mga tourist spots. Anyway, we are used to that in Philippines naman hehe.