Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 6 30 Days of Blogging : Favorite Sunday Routine


Sundays! I love Sundays!

Sunday is always a church day + date for me and my husband.

I regurlarly have church service every Sunday . So my Sunday mornings usually start with a Sunday mass. Then after the mass, my husbandand I never forget to buy our favorite merengue and choco crinkles from the
kiosk that sells pattisserie and bread baked by seminarians.Part of the profits go to the students at the seminary. 

If it's second Sunday of the month, I attend a meeting for lectors and commentators.Otherwise, I prepare lunch at home. In the afternoon, my husband and I attend The Feast,a catholic Charismatic prayer, meeting with our friends . Mass+ worship+talk.The series of talks two weeks ago was how to DETOX. It is our way nourishing our souls and at the same time connecting with our Great Provider and Saviour.I always look forward to meeting and praying with our friends. God's people, good company. 

I work my tail off on weekdays so I make time, I mean QUALITY time,  for my husband and some catching up with friends who are also married.
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