Thursday, May 1, 2014

Celebrate your Accomplishments

Hey guys good morning! 

God really has His way of speaking to us noh? I got these message from Facebook this morning.

Are we on the same boat? Like,  the first things that come to mind the moment you open your eyes  in the morning are work,errands, chores, pending tasks , and so on... We jump from one task to another and we forget to give ourselves a break or a credit for a job well done .Kalerkey. 

This morning I woke up  with a befuddled mind. Did not know exactly where to start. I stared at my laptop and  jotted down on a piece of paper the stuff I needed to accomplish. Then I muddled around the internet a bit more and this message flashed before my eyes.


How sweet God is to remind me this. God, indeed, is a faithful God.  I will never stop doing good to you - Jeremiah 32:40.  Amazing. Just in time when I feel confused; then God sends me this message. You may not know me but I know every thing about you- plsam 139: 1.

From now on I am going to celebrate my accomplishments--with my love ones-- no matter how small or big  they are. It's going to be a celebration of God's handiwork. My physical strength to do chores and errands, skill, knowledge and aptness in my chosen field,  all came from God after all. Should I be able to do my tasks had God not given me all these gifts? 


And since it's the first day of the month of May, I'd like to start  it with a positive vibe by hosting a Link Up called  CELEBRATE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS . Feel free to link up and let's celebrate your achievements together. Isn't that fun?! I am looking forward to reading your success stories.

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