Sunday, April 27, 2014

Beautiful Sunday # 1

Hey lovelies! How's your Sunday? Mine is cool, literally lols. It has been raining non-stop here in Korea. Yesterday was humid. It's true pla that the weather is unpredictable when it's spring time here. Last year, it was winter when we came here, it was freezing cold but the weather was stable.These days, init-lamig, that's why I caught a cold.

Anyway, the cold snap and rainy weather did not stop us from attending the mass and strolling around downtown Jeonju.

Diane from Dianewantstowrite prompted me to share and link up my beautiful Sunday.

We went to Jeondong Catholic Cathedral , one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in Korea. According to my husband there are three types of people who attend mass in this church. They are (1) local parishioners (2) passers-by ( yung napadaan lang tapos biglang napsimba lols) (3) tourists.

Jeondong Catholic Church, Jeonju S. Korea. Built in honor of Roman Catholic martyrs who died on the same spot during
the Japanese regime and Joseon dynasty.

I was not able to take pictures of the interior part of the cathedral because some parishioners were solemnly praying inside.

The mass would start at 5 p.m. We had an hour to kill time so we strolled around the park adjacent to the cathedral.

 Ito ang namiss ko sa Korea, the streetfood. Above is roasted spicy octopus and below is the spicy chicken bar-b-que.

 Two years ago, we could get inside this park for free. But today, we were surprised that they charge 2,000W  at Jeonju National Park. So, we decided to visit the novelty shops na lang instead.

When it was quarter past four, we went back to the church on foot. After the Holy Mass , we lit candles  and said our prayers.

 Before leaving, I did not pass up the chance to taste the famous Korean Traditional Taffy- TA RAE

Ay naku, dinadayo talaga to' ng mga famous K-pop artist. Last year, I could not buy because of the long queue but today since it was rainy, there were few people on the streets and some stalls are parasa na because it was also almost 8 p.m. Magpapahuli ba ako, of course not, coconut!!

According to the description on the poster ,TA-RAE is a court cake made of ripened honey and malt.This delicacy was once served to the kings and valuable guests. They were so delicious, I gobbled them down when we got home . That's why I was not able to take pictures. Anyway, here's how they looked like from the screencap I took on

Before heading home , we stopped by our favorite Samyapsal restaurant that is a stone throw away from our house to have dinner.

That wraps up our beautiful Sunday! Now , it's your turn to share and to link Up your beautiful Sunday.


  1. Jen!!!! First, thank you for linking up in my Beautiful Sunday series. At least ngayon, dalawa na kayo hahahaha Thank you!

    I love everything I see. Promise!!! I don't know if you have read my other posts, but I have this intensifying dream of visiting the Land of the Morning Calm. High School pa lang ako and long before the arrival of the Korean novelas eh nasa bucket list ko na ang South Korea.

    Sa photos pa lang, ang ganda na ng chapel.. what more in person :) I'm sure mas maganda. At ang park surrounding the cathedral, hindi nagpatalo.. you know how much we are "park deprived" here in Ph. Sana at least before I turn 40, I can remove this item in my bucket list.

    Have a great week! I love all the photos :)

  2. Hi Diane! Thanks a lot for taking time to read my blog. Push naten yan! Would you believe that I go to Korea every year since I got married but I haven't been to Seoul ? lol .

    Ako naman dream ko makapunta ng Japan. Japan ,Japan...sagot sa kahirapan lols ( as may gay friends put in) .

    I really like your Beautiful Sunday series. Sunday is the 7th day of the week. On the seventh day God had finished his work of creation, so he rested from all his work(Genesis 2:2)Sharing Sunday experiences thru blog , I think, is the best way of showing gratitude and appreciating God's amazing creations.

    1. Talaga? Nagulat ako dun haha Humahaba na tuloy yung listahan ng gusto ko puntahan sa SK. Starting from the world's best airport in Incheon, baka dun pa lang ma-amaze na me.

      I also dream of visiting Japan. Kasalanan ng mga cherry blossoms at lahat ng napapanood ko sa Nat Geo at iba pang cable channels. :)

      Sana dumani muna ang datung ko hahaha para ma-push na sha! Thank you