Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 7 : 30 Days of Blogging : What Do People Not Understand About You?

Oh my! whew! I am going to keep this short. I don't want to deal with what others think of me. But, this is one of the prompts that I need to do so here it is.
Cover of: What you think of me is none of my business by Terry Cole-Whittaker
Bum.Nosey neighboors think that I am in between jobs because I stay home all day long.
What they do not know is I work homebased.

People think I have an unhappy married life because of lack of child.  Can you imagine how ridiculous and febble-minded people some people are? I've been married for three years with my husband and I've  been very much content with our life together. My husband also told me gazillion of times that it does not matter whether we have a child or not. It's being with me that matters to him.

I have been working homebased since 2008. To some people it sounds like I am some kind of introvert or someone who cannot get along with workmates that's why I prefer to work at home. 
what they do not know is, working at home is almost just the same with working in the office spared off dealing with commuting and heavy traffic. I get to work in my pj's,too. Being my own boss makes me manage my own time. On my spare time, I squeeze in catching up with friends! How cool is that! .  

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