Monday, April 28, 2014

30 Days of Blogging : Spring Bucket List


Hi guys! 

Glad that I am here in Korea just in time for Today's 30 DOB promt: Spring Bucket List. As you know, I am from Philippines and Spring does not exist in this part of the world. lol.

Well, my bucket list will not be so much about my personal thing. My husband and I are not only here for vacation but also for  spending time more quality with Omma who is not so in the pink of health.

So what's in my bucket list? Here it goes. 

Take care of my Mother-in-law while I am here. My mother-in-law is very affectionate.Perhaps, I must have done something good in my life to deserve a heaven-sent mother-in-law like her.  I would not have a fantastic husband if not for my mother-in-law to begin with. Taking care of her is one of the best ways of showing gratitude for bringing out an amazing man in this world that is my husband.

Give my mother-in-law a massage for as long as she wants it. Whenever my MIL and I would speak on skype while I was in the Philippines, she would tell me , " Come here, take care of me. I want you to give me a massage" .In the Philippines, we use the word "lambing".
It is like you when wheedle your way out to get what you want. 

Cook meals for my in-laws. My husband likes adobo and so does my brother-in-law . But my BIL haven't tried other Philippine cuisine such as Pinakbet and Sinigang.

Catch up with some our friends. Every time we come here, we always make it a point to dine out with friends (Korean and Filipinos) We had dinner with my husband's university friends last week and we had a wonderful night. When my Korean friends found out that I am back in Korea, I have received invites for dinner and so I am looking forward to hanging out with them soon.

Exercise more. What I like here in Korea is there are pieces of gym equipment in public parks for every one to use. Luckily there's a park a stone throw away from our house. I can just stop by anytime of the day. The only thing that halts me from going there these days is the rainy weather. I can not imagine myself on a stationary bike with umbrella on my other hand. lol 

Me , sweating it out at a park nearby our house. That's my mother-in-law's oversized PVC shoes.



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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Beautiful Sunday # 1

Hey lovelies! How's your Sunday? Mine is cool, literally lols. It has been raining non-stop here in Korea. Yesterday was humid. It's true pla that the weather is unpredictable when it's spring time here. Last year, it was winter when we came here, it was freezing cold but the weather was stable.These days, init-lamig, that's why I caught a cold.

Anyway, the cold snap and rainy weather did not stop us from attending the mass and strolling around downtown Jeonju.

Diane from Dianewantstowrite prompted me to share and link up my beautiful Sunday.

We went to Jeondong Catholic Cathedral , one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in Korea. According to my husband there are three types of people who attend mass in this church. They are (1) local parishioners (2) passers-by ( yung napadaan lang tapos biglang napsimba lols) (3) tourists.

Jeondong Catholic Church, Jeonju S. Korea. Built in honor of Roman Catholic martyrs who died on the same spot during
the Japanese regime and Joseon dynasty.

I was not able to take pictures of the interior part of the cathedral because some parishioners were solemnly praying inside.

The mass would start at 5 p.m. We had an hour to kill time so we strolled around the park adjacent to the cathedral.

 Ito ang namiss ko sa Korea, the streetfood. Above is roasted spicy octopus and below is the spicy chicken bar-b-que.

 Two years ago, we could get inside this park for free. But today, we were surprised that they charge 2,000W  at Jeonju National Park. So, we decided to visit the novelty shops na lang instead.

When it was quarter past four, we went back to the church on foot. After the Holy Mass , we lit candles  and said our prayers.

 Before leaving, I did not pass up the chance to taste the famous Korean Traditional Taffy- TA RAE

Ay naku, dinadayo talaga to' ng mga famous K-pop artist. Last year, I could not buy because of the long queue but today since it was rainy, there were few people on the streets and some stalls are parasa na because it was also almost 8 p.m. Magpapahuli ba ako, of course not, coconut!!

According to the description on the poster ,TA-RAE is a court cake made of ripened honey and malt.This delicacy was once served to the kings and valuable guests. They were so delicious, I gobbled them down when we got home . That's why I was not able to take pictures. Anyway, here's how they looked like from the screencap I took on

Before heading home , we stopped by our favorite Samyapsal restaurant that is a stone throw away from our house to have dinner.

That wraps up our beautiful Sunday! Now , it's your turn to share and to link Up your beautiful Sunday.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm

Happy Easter guys! I hope you had a meaningful and restful Holy Week. Btw guys, before the Holy Week my hubby and I went to Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm in Silang. I heard from my friend ,Dennie, that Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen were good for immune and reproductive system.Later, a former colleague shared that she has been taking Royal Jelly for the same reasons. I would often see the sign of Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm every time we go to Tagaytay but I never had a chance to stop by the store. So last week, I insisted on buying Honeybee products to my husband. I made him kulit that they were nice presents for my MIL  because later we would visit Korea. Told him also that since my OB-gyne's clinic was near Silang, it won't be that far.Buti na lang pinagbigyan ako ni hubby.

My gulay guys!  

I really thought that Dasma was just few minutes away from the farm. After 40 minutes my husband asked why we had not gotten off from the bus yet. I kept on asking and telling manong bus conductor  where the farm was. In my last attempt to ask, he cut me in before I could finish my sentence.

"Manong, mala...yo..." 

"sabihin ko inyo kung bababa na kayo" , The conductor  sassed with a face that spelled  like trouble if I dared ask him again the same question lol.

High blood.

When we finally got off from the bus, I asked the locals where we could get a tricycle to bring us to the store. They told us that the store was within walking distance. So we ended up wading through the dirt road under the blinding sun and scorching hot 33 degree Celsius midday weather. My husband could not shut up his yap on our way to the farm. Naihi pa ako sa kalagitnaan ng aming paglalakbay. Buti na lang maraming damo sa paligid-ligid. wa pakels.

And when we finally reached the store , buy na agad ang lola before pa magwala si hubby.

The store sells variety of honey bee products.

Teka...What's the matter peanut butter over there? Usyoso mode on. lol.

The owner himself was giving free  Bee sting therapy for people with diabetes, psoriasis, cancer and rheumatism. There were also patients recovering from stroke.

My husband is such a chicken when it comes to insects and anything that crawls drive him nuts.

 "yobo, would you like to try?" . 

"nooooo! I don't like!"  he replied while shaking his head as if it would dislodge from his neck.


"who are the first-timers here?"  asked the Bee farm owner while looking at us. I think he knew that we were first time visitors.


I dragged my husband and pinned him down on the chair before he could complain. He was asked to take off his shoes for allergy test. Well, the allergy test was like ant's bite according to him so it did not hurt him that much.


After 30 minutes, when there were no allergic reactions, he was asked to sit again. He was hesitant but everybody's eyes was on him so he had no choice. The owner asked what was his sickness. We told him  about my husband's frequent headaches and lethargic mood. His recent blood pressure was 140/100 which was not ideal. 

Bee sting on my husband's hands.

His airs vanished on the second round lol. His mouth opened wide but no words came out (hahaha) with eyes all popped out. He stood up outright and circled the hall more than five times while shaking both of his hands. I laughed hard. Rude.

He told me to try it too. But I just had my FSH fertility treatment injection.According to the owner , it is not ideal to have bee sting therapy while under synthetic medicine.

" You want me to die" , I retorted . hehehe.


More pictures below.

Hindi po ako pumasok sa toilet ng lalaki hehehe. There's a communal toilet in the farm. I did not take a picture of the inudoro. Sagwa e lols. Before we left, I made sure naka wee wee na ko. 

May shower pa. winner!

BTW guys, the store is open from Tuesday to Sunday. If you want to try the Bee sting therapy, you must come on Wednesday between 10 am - 12 noon.  I will bring my father there when I come back from Korea. He has gout and his sugar level is above normal. Also, he has been taking maintenance medicine for almost 10 years. A lot of patients there got better since they have started the Bee sting therapy.

This old man came in with a walking cane after two bee stings, he could walk slowly without the stick.

You could also purchase their items online at They accept payments thru BPI and  Globe G-cash. You will shoulder the shipping fee at minimal cost. If you  do not have your own car and do not  intend to have a bee sting therapy, I suggest that you purchase the items you want online; it's more convenient.

If you want to tour their sanctuary, you must come every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 8:00 - 10:00 am .

Here are the products we bought : Virgin Honey, Royal Jelly  and Bee Pollen.


If you have read my 30 Days of blogging entry , I blogged about the health benefits of the items above. Here's the link  30 days of blogging : Share a recipe, book or product you have recently tried

By the way again guys,if you want to try the bee sting therapy,  naku it is really itchy and expect that the area stung by the bee would be swollen for days as in up to two weeks or months pa sa iba My husband was so kulit , he scratched his hands so sugat sugat sya. 

Tip : Put ice over the itchy area. If it's uber itchy and swollen na talga CRY. lols. It's a BIG as in BIG no no mag apply or take ng synthetic drugs.

That's it , pancit!