Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Congratulations my Inaanaks!

Guys, ang bilis ng panohon noh.Graduation day na naman

Last week, two of my goddaugthers graduated. Yehey!

It seemed like yesterday when they were kids.Sigh. How time flies.

Congratulations Eunnah and Chelsea! mwuaah .And of course,
Congratulations na rin to fabulous mommies, mommy Shee and mommy Dhaa.( duh-ah.)

Above Eunnah,Dhaa and I
Below:Eunnah at two years and a half
Photo bomber :Jen

Chelsea at eight years old

Call si Motherlily yesterday morning.

chika...chika...chika... ( maagang chismisan) 

She carried along with her rants...

Then, I mentioned my Goddaugthers' graduation and achievements in school.Of course,proud ninang e.

Me : ay...gumraduate na si Chelsea. Wag ka winner sa oratorical contest.Oh di ba,she takes after me.

MOtherlily : aba! magaling. E, si Eunnah.

Me: Most neat and may performance academic award un.

MOtherlily : ay mana kay Rodel!

(dhaa oh, initchepuwera ka ni Motherlily) 

Me : ay true! ( I second the motion. Charot!)

Motherlily : May regalo ka na ?

Patay wala! 

 I was really thinking of gifts that I could give them  before I had talked to motherlily.
 Eto kasi si motherlily nipressure ako. So I scooted to the mall sa kasagsagan ng katanghalian. lols.

Look what I found at Papemelrotti.  Two cute desk plaques.

This one is for Eunnah. It's made of recycled wood -earth-friendly &child-friendly. 
I did not want to give her something breakable coz' she's only 5 years old

Kay Chelsea naman

Nice di ba. 

If you are thinking of graduation gifts , you can also check out papelmelrotti's online shop. tsk...tsk..Bat di ko naisip yun. http://www.papemelroti.com/gradgiv.htm. I should have ordered na lang online.

 Eunnah (at 5 years old) showing off her awards
 and on the right with her mother (...butler?)

Chelsea @ 12 years old.

Uy wait.

Maisingit ko lang, look what I found  at Watson's .No wax,shave, or bleach facial hair removal solution.I'll blog a review on this product soon. Wait lang kayo. We'll see if this product works.

Happy Tuesday!!


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