Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fish Fillet in Garlic & Chili

Because it's Ash Wednesday, my husband and I skipped eating meat for today. Well guys, I am not saying that abstinence for meat or skipping meals are  the only way to do penance. It's just that we wanted to sacrifice eating meat. Good thing, we had  cream dory fish fillet at the fridge that we bought from the grocery store last week,so I searched for some youtube videos and blogs over the internet for recipes.

 Our meal for tonight was Fish Fillet in Garlic and Chili inspired by

                                      It is so easy to prepare. You only need these ingredients

I used cream dory fish as substitute for Tilapia.

For those newly married women like me, who could only cook rice and instant food during their senorita days,   it is really a challenge for us to impress our husbands with our cooking. Kaya T.G.T.U.T talaga ( Thank God there's Youtube.). Here's the link to follow the steps on how to make the dish

Here's my version of Fish Fillet in Garlic and Chili ...tada!

Why don't you try this too?


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