Monday, March 31, 2014

Every Dog has Its Own Day

Screencap from abs-cbn online

 Congratulations to the winner of Binibining Pilipinas -Universe 2014 Mary Jean Lastimosa! It is indeed a sweet success for the 25 year old belle of Cotabato city ; winning did not come easy to her. In her web interview before the pageant she said, “ We may have a lot of setbacks in our life but that does not matter. What matter is that how many times we get back up and never give up”.

Lastimosa first joined the Binibing Pilipinas 2011 ,unfortunately she went home empty handed. In 2012, she bagged the second runner up title. But it was this year  of March 2014 , that lady luck shone  on her. Now  crowned as the official delegate of the  Philippines to Ms.Universe 2014 beauty pageant which will be held in  Ceará Brazil.

Left:Bb.Pilipinas 2011 Center :Bb.Pilipinas 2012 Right Bb.Pilipinas 2014
 The epitome of a woman who would never give up without a fight .She  took the long route to her goals but she arose triumphantly. Every dog has its own day.


Janine Tugonon was crowned  Ms.Universe Philippines 2012 and placed Ms.Universe 1st runner up in 2012. Prior to her success, In 2011 she was a runner up to Ms.Shamcey Supsup . Ms. International 2005 title holder Precious Lara Quigaman , almost  lost a chance, she but joined again in honor of her deceased father's dream making her 4rth Filipina to win the crown. 

                                       This year five women joined in again to prove their mettle 

                                                             PIA ALONZO WURTZBACH
Right :Bb.Pilipinas 2013  Left : Bb.Pilipinas 2014

Left : Bb.Pilipinas 2009  Center :Bb.Pilipinas 2011  Right :Bb.Pilipinas 2014

                                 Right : Bb.Pilipinas 2011           Left: Bb.Pilipinas 2014


Right : Bb.Pilipinas 2013 Left: Bb. Pilipinas 2014


Right : Bb.Pilipanas 2013 Left : Bb. Pilipinas 2014 

I hope next year Parul Shah would try her  luck again.  It will definitely not be a leap in the dark if she joins again.She has the makings of a Ms.Universe.

                   Congratulations to the winners and Good luck Philippines!

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Welcome to the Christian World

Hey guys! How’s your Sunday?

I just want to share this because I feel happy for my husband.

My husband and I just came home from our Sunday mass.I was a lector today so we had to attend the 9:00 am mass.

This Sunday was another special Sunday for my husband because he had his First Communion. Last Sunday he received the Sacrament of Baptism and he could not be even more excited. In fact, he had prepared for it for more than month. He attended his weekly catechism and bible study. He would read the his First Book of Cathechism , memorize the Ten Commandments  and Catholic prayers by heart.As you know, my husband is Korean and he did not have a religion but he was not anti-Christ. He believes in God but he did belong to any denomination. One day while he was in Japan, he made an overseas call.

Hubby : Yobo, please arrange my baptism. My colleagues are married to their Catholic wives and they have shown me their baptism certificate.I wonder, I am married to a Catholic but why I did not receive baptismal certificate.

Explain…explain ang lola…

Me : Are you sure? Why you suddenly want to become  a Catholic?

Hubby : My wife is Catholic.

The Baptism

My hubby and I together with our aunt and uncle .
His baptismal Godparents.They are also our ninong &ninang
in our wedding.
He had attended several Catholic masses even before we got married. I did not want to push my religion to him. So of course, I was happy that it came from him.
He was so excited when the catechist told him that he was ready for the Christening. His eyes shown bright. Halos din na mapagkatulog two weeks before his Christening. He had so many questions.
We went to the church to register.

“Can I have my Sacrament of Confirmation next week?,” my hubby asked the priest.

Before the priest could answer, I said, “ No, yobo you must have first communion before that”.

“ He can receive the First Communion once he has been baptized”, the priest interrupted.

 “really?!” yobo retorted brightly as if he was like a child who was granted a permission by his mom to eat sweet goodies.

But he slouched when the priest uttered, “but first, I need to talk to the layperson who catechized you. And you have to wait for our call."  L

He anticipated the phone call every day .Come Tuesday morning...

He picked up the phone. “yoooooobooooo,church-ie, church-ie!” he shouted with his Korean accent.
I took the phone and he stuck his ears to the receiver to hear the conversation. Lols.

He was finally baptized last week.

First Communion

Last night…

Hubby : yobo, I am excited.
Me : For what?
Hubby : Tomorrow is my first commnunication.
Me : What ???
Hubby : tomorrow, I will eat in the church. Holy Eucharist.
Me : ahhhh. First communion. ( Eto na naman ang bloopers ni Jin.)

After the mass this morning, I asked him how he felt after receiving the Eucharist.

He said : 

“I kept patient. I wanted to smile. I wanted to laugh but I had to do this (pinning his mouth) otherwise the person beside might say  I was a wacko. So I prayed Our Father, Thank you. “

Happy Sunday peeps! Bow!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Hehehe. No, I am not a junkie. 

It’s quarter past  nine  in the evening and I am still up and munching on these super nakakaaddict na cupcakes from dennieboo, my friend since high school and the person behind DMG Sweets.

I ordered these cupcakes for my husband  because  he has a sweet tooth.  I made sure I ordered them in advance coz’ they sell like hotcakes! He said it’s super yummy daw. My husband gave me one, true enough it was so good especially the blueberry cheesecake. Winner! nakakaaddict talaga.

 I have kwento.

When I was a kid, I had acute tonsillitis so I would  frequently visit my pediatrician. It even came to a point that I had to go under the knife but for some reason  it was postponed hanggang sa hindi na natuloy. My mom thought that candies and sweets were the culprit. I had to shun away from chocolates, candies, sweets and even cheesy junk food because they trigger my tonsillitis. That’s why I am not into sweets. But DMG sweets’ cupcakes have the right amount of sweetness that doesn't burn my throat.                                                                                                    
Assorted cupcakes

Dennie gave me freebies pa , her best selling choco chip cookies, to boot . They resemble the taste of Mrs. Fields’ choco chips cookies. My husband even shared some to our goddaughter pa. So happy si cutiepatootie Eunnah. Sorry, I was not able to take pictures of them naubos na eh.

Now, I am down to the last bite.  Kaya Dennie, pakibake na ang next order ko hehe.

                                                               goodnight guys! burp!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ash Wednesday

  And the dust returns to the earth as it was, 
               and the spirit returns to God who gave it. -Ecclesiastes 12:7

    May the Holy Spirit be with us as we prepare for the coming forty days of Lent.


Fish Fillet in Garlic & Chili

Because it's Ash Wednesday, my husband and I skipped eating meat for today. Well guys, I am not saying that abstinence for meat or skipping meals are  the only way to do penance. It's just that we wanted to sacrifice eating meat. Good thing, we had  cream dory fish fillet at the fridge that we bought from the grocery store last week,so I searched for some youtube videos and blogs over the internet for recipes.

 Our meal for tonight was Fish Fillet in Garlic and Chili inspired by

                                      It is so easy to prepare. You only need these ingredients

I used cream dory fish as substitute for Tilapia.

For those newly married women like me, who could only cook rice and instant food during their senorita days,   it is really a challenge for us to impress our husbands with our cooking. Kaya T.G.T.U.T talaga ( Thank God there's Youtube.). Here's the link to follow the steps on how to make the dish

Here's my version of Fish Fillet in Garlic and Chili ...tada!

Why don't you try this too?


Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Message

Many times, after having a long stressful day, I tend to blow up at the slightest provocation. Then later, I would utter to myself,  " I shouldn't have done that or I shouldn't have said that" . Can you relate? I am pretty sure, some you have had a flash of temper at one point in your life and don't tell me you did not regret it ; other wise you are callous.  But the thing is, our actions cannot be undone. Likewise, with hurtful words that we let out from our mouth when we are angry.

Last night, my internet connection acted out while I was having class. I turned my modem on and off then tried to do troubleshooting but could not quite cut it so finally I dialed the internet service provider hotline. I had waited for almost half an hour before the customer service picked up my call. While I was talking to the other person on the line, my husband used the notepad so I could not input the digits I was told to type. Agitated, I swept off his hands from the keyboard. My husband was so understanding so he left the room quietly and instead brought the electric fan in because he thought I was sweating profusely [ I have hyperhydrosis so I sweat a lot when under stress] . Because of the wind from the fan,  my papers flew off and scattered all over the floor. This made me so annoyed.

" turn off the fan! !!!

I told him off  at the top of my lungs.

But my husband desperately wanted to help me, he did not leave. In fact, he tried to give me  a hand but I just could not keep up with the instructions of the CSR because he (my husband) was also giving me instructions. So finally, I reached my tipping point and I  yelled ...

"ikaw na lang kaya makipag usap sa CSR!"

As if my husband could understand Tagalog. You know how it felt like when somebody shouted at you and you did not understand a single word? It sucks, right?

My husband stared at me blankly and like a little boy, he walked out of the room.

Of course, I felt bad for what I did. When I had calmed down , I talked to him and he told me how he felt whenever I shout at him.  Because of my inclination to let my emotions control me, I did not realize that I have been letting my husband down. Like what Rica said in her blog wander&wonders, " words and actions are like seeds..."

 Instead of letting our emotions control us, let our emotions draw us to the roots why we feel these emotions. Because of my heart-to-heart conversation with my husband last night, I realized that the reason why I easily get in fits of rage is because my hands are always full. Hardly, I ask help from him or anyone because I think I am super woman. I teach, I do household chores, cook, run errands, study , prepare lessons and so on.

Because of my own experience, I can totally relate to what Bro. Alvin said at the feast, " emotions are teachers."