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Hi readers! I took a sabbatical leave because I had been busy doing things left and right. I know  I was not able to live up to my last post. Anyhoo, I want to greet everyone a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! I am BACK!

I want to start my comeback with a review of one of the restaurants in the south that serves sumptuous buffet, the CafĂ© d’Asie at second floor Main wing of The Bellevue Hotels and Resorts in Alabang.

Since it is Valentine’s Day, my husband and I chose to dine in there because of   Valentine’s buffet  promo. It has been five years since I last visited this place. At that time, they served their usual buffet menu and since then,I could not forget the satisfying meal I had eaten  . I was not Mrs.An at that time yet, so I wanted my husband to have a taste of their exquisite meal. I have been cajoling him to eat there but he would hesitate kase hotel restaurants spell e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e. Finally, because of the Heart's day, he succumb to my pangungulit with a dash of extra sweetness .

The Dessert Station
As we entered,we were greeted with nice backdrop of the dessert station

The fruit tartlets are not too sweet which I like because sometimes I get “umay” if they were extra sweet.Actually, the dessert section reminded me of Sambukojin.

              The Patisserie and Bread Area .  

I did not eat any bread from this station. I did not want to load on carbs. Buffet itey!

The Salad Bar 

The Salad bar was a treat for my unusual-semi-vegetarian diet. Minsan vegetarian in short lols. 

The Cooked Food Station 

A wide array of exquisite food to feast on.

The Seafood Carbonara was the super star...for me.

      Korean-Chinese Dishes Station.

 There's Nothing special for me in this station because these are our typical food at home  (Kimchi sa loob ng bahay,kimchi pa rin sa labas? lols!) except for Yuk hwe. Yuk Hwe is raw ground beef eaten together with spices and other side dishes. However, I did not dare to ingest it.Why? First, I was not sure if it were fresh. Yuk Hwe beef should be eaten fresh after defrosting otherwise, I don't need elaborate more lols. I think, alam nyo na kung anung mangyayari sa'yo. Take note: uncooked, raw, in Tagalog hilaw.

 If I were in Korea, I would have devoured it without seconds thoughts. There, all beef were tagged with an ID number that includes information on the age, the origin, the supplier, the distributor, the grade, the butchering date and the butcher shop it was cut in. Super safe di ba? Furthermore, bacteria spreads so fast, for all I knew the ground beef had been exposed on the table  before we arrived. How could I eat that, eew!

Hindi ako nakakain nito. :(

                                                                                         The  Sushi Station

I ate them with much gusto especially the Kani salad because  I had been craving for it. My tummy was so happy! Never had I eaten so much Kani salad in my entire life lols.

What we ate...

Herb and spices with a kick on the shrimp. The herb potatoes however were so so.

Grilled rosemary chicken ( I made imbento the name of this food kasi they taste like it naman lols)

Yummy Salmon dish

You thought we ate this few???  Battery empty na kse. lols di na carry picture picture :)

What I like about Cafe d'Asie? The place is not crowded with sophisticated interiors. My husband likes the seafood, especially the smoked milkfish. For the dessert, he likes the bread and butter pudding with vanilla cream.The waiters are friendly and attentive to our needs. Casual dining.Though there is a dress code. Don't wear sando, flipflops and shorts when you go there. My husband and I will definitely come back. 

My Valentino 

                                                                            tulala after eating

                                                                    I love you to the moon and back!

                                              How about you?  How did you spend your Valentine's day?

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!


Cafe D Asie
Adress: 2nd Floor, Main Wing, The Bellevue Hotel, Alabang, 
Operating Hours:
Open Daily
6:00am to 10:30am Breakfast
11:30am to 2:30pm Lunch
6:00pm to 10:30pm Dinner


                     Php1390 net Tel Nos: 771 8181



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