Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hello 2013

Happy 2013 readers! I know I had been off for quite a while,my bad. I had been busy with a lot stuff in the past year but I am back now.Hooray! I promise to give you more topics to read so you can catch up on my adventures (feeling lang!). Whatever your reason is for reading my blah blog, I assure you that my blog will be more worth reading this year hahaha!

Let's take a look at the to collage  I made from memories of 2012 .  Enjoy!!

Such a magical play. It's worth every penny.

From above left to bottom right: Princess (my highschool buddy),
moi,My cousin
Ana, Antoinette (Princess' sister)

At Myungga Restaurant,Malate.
Dyan and Ran's first time eating Korean food.


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