Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I really did not intend to go to the mall today. My original plan was to head straight for home from citibank after paying our tickets for the Phantom of the Opera musical theater (yey!) I am going to watch it with my cousin and my highschool buddy, (triple yey! for that. Yey! Yey! Yey!)

 As I was saying. Going to the mall was not really in my plan but I had to make wee wee. So,I dropped by at SM Southmall. Since this mall was newly renovated, I had a hard time finding my way to the toilet and because of that,my feet took me to SM Homeworld. My eyes popped out of my head when I saw red trimmings that flashed SALE SALE SALE! 

               Sorry for the poor quality pictures.I forgot to bring my cam so I used my mobile phone instead.

Non- stick colorful knives. For only 79 Php. 50% off

10% off on selected stainless items

Who said it's too early to prepare for yuletide :) 50% off on Christmas tablecloths.
For as low as 79 to 95 Php.

Wait ...there's more!

                          Selected boutiques are also on their pre-sale mode.

Figliarina by Shubizz

La Senza Lingeries

For those who weren't able go there today.Don't fret! SM is just on a pre-sale mode. 
Mark your calendar for the coming 3-day BIG sale.Up to 75% Off.

Since I am on frugal mode, I did not buy any from the boutiques but instead I bought really nice Christmas decors at a very cheap price. I'll put the pictures on a separate post soon.


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