Sunday, August 26, 2012

The PHANTOM of the OPERA in Manila

Yahoo!! Finally, the longest-running Broadway musical ,Phantom of the Opera, is now in Manila. I have seen this a couple of times in movies , 1989 and 2004 versions. My favorite parts were the masquerade and  the scene where Raoul and Christine sang "That's All I Ask of You." It'll be my first time to watch this on stage. I couldn't be more excited. I wonder how the chandelier crash will be done on stage.

I missed Mama Mia last February :( :(  so I made sure that I wouldn't miss this one. I got tickets for 4! (for my cousin, for my highschool buddy and her sissy) yey! *tumbling* (fell butt first on the floor)

The Phantom to Christine: But Christine,fear can turn to love. You'll learn to see, to find the man behind the monster, this repulsive carcass who seems a beast but secretly dreams of beauty secretly ... 

Want to buy tickets? Purchase online at or go to the nearest ticketworld outlets near you. 


  1. Wow, but so poor of me for missing this one... :)
    Enjoy! ^^

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  2. Hi Sir Rob! Sayang, this is once in a lifetime. ^^

    Thanks for stopping by :-) I checked out your blog. It's pretty interesting and informative. Cheers!