Friday, December 30, 2011

Grab a Copy Now!

I finally got a copy of Chico and Del's  "The Morning Rush Top 10" book! I've been a silent Rusher since high school, this radio program never fails to make my day. Nothing beats Chico and Del's tandem.I'll share my favorite TOP 10 from this book.

10 Things to Say After Someone Farts

1."It sounds like an alien language from Uranus!"-MY YANGKEEZ
2.Sanitary napkin to fart: "You are the wind beneath my wings." - MOOM KNIGHT SKYE
3."Thunder from down under,8.5 on the Rectal Scale!" -Homer Singson
4.Pare, ang utot di dapat bumubukol sa pantalon! - Cherry D BIKER
5." Sana wala ng fart 2" -MR.PERK
6."Wow! Parang cake na binake ko kanina, Moist." - JOTI
7. "Cartoonist ba ang utot mo? Gumuguhit eh"-OSCAR DELA HOPIA
8."Wag magtiwala sa tahimik na utot,
 'di mo namalayan meron nang kabuntot"-JONTOR WALRUS
9.For the put-put-put type of fart: Ay, pati utot hulugan?"- JHOY IMPERIAL
10."Ang galing ng ring tone mo, may amoy! - LOCKON STRATOS

Thursday, December 1, 2011

All Pooped Out

I've been working my tail off! Seems like twenty four hours are not enough to get all things done.My room is a mess. I've got a mountain of dirty linens and pillow cases waiting for me. I haven't done with my Christmas shopping, not even started my Christmas list! Take note, I have seven Godchildren. Before I know it, they'll be queuing at the front stoop for their presents. 
It's quarter past midnight! Oh my! I really need to snooze... Z   Z    Z   Z

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