Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Doe a Deer, A Female Deer ...

I'm all agog over this play.  The last time I watched it was in 2007 at Onstage Greenbelt and I don't mind  watching it again. I am also excited to see the  actors that will portray the Von Trapp family. I heard Aga and Charlene's daughter,Atasha, has been chosen to be one of the Von Trapps.

Tickets are now available at ticketworld or reserve a ticket at Resorts World  ticket box in front the Casino main entrance.

  • PhP 2,140.00
  • PhP 1,819.00
  • PhP 1,391.00
  • PhP 1,070.00
This play will run from October 15,2011 to December 15,2011.

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