Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's Raining Cats and... Frogs?

        Holy cow! should I say holy frogs?! Why do frogs are almost everywhere during rainy season?Especially,smashed frogs on the street.Have you noticed it? Like, when you wake up in the morning and you see them with their dead bodies with vital organs splattered on the street (lol! Are going to puke? No stop!)Should I say, blame it on the driver who was drunk from all night booze fest and didn't notice that a frog was crossing down the street? Or the frog forgot to stop, look and listen before walking across the street?  Oops again, I should have said, ...before hopping across the street instead. I really like Hermit the Frog! I used to collect those cute ones from GiftGate but please not the real one!!

Whack The Frog           I almost killed a frog, too. I went to the toilet(one of their favorite hibernacula) this morning, as I opened the door, the little slimy-looking froggie hopped on my toes; it scared the hell out of me so I whacked it as hard as I could with the broomstick. Well, you can't blame me. I was so surprised. Had  I heard the froggie "kokaking" I wouldn't have done it. Poor froggie, had it used the built-in horn inside its throat, it wouldn't have been whacked.Well,the frog was lucky, he went hop...hop... and away; finally it escaped.