Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wait! There's more...

"Easy,easy,there's more coming..." , My husband told me while we were eating dinner with his friends on my first day in South Korea.

My husband's childhood friend was very eager to meet me so when I arrived at the airport we headed to his friend's house.
We were warmly welcomed by his friend's family.They took us at a traditional Korean restaurant. 

A variety of delicious Korean food were served on our table. I uttered to myself, "holy cow! ...These people are eating as if it were their last day on earth".

Looks like an ice cream but this is actually mashed potato with vegetables. It's very delicious.

This is Samyapsal. Koreans have distinct way of eating meat.You have to eat it together with lettuce or cabbage and other side dishes and  kimchi . How does it tastes like? Just imagine  you are eating  a lettuceburger hehehe. Sounds interesting.

My second day was also a tummy bulging day. Again, we were invited by my husband's senior, who owns a seafood restaurant, for a sumptuous dinner. Once more, my husband uttered, "easy,easy,there's more coming". So after the waitress had served ten different variety of seafood dishes my husband finally said, 

" Okay,now they will serve dinner". 

" Are you kidding me? " I asked surprisingly.

...and they served five more dishes. 


  1. hahah! enjoy Jin & Jen! I miss you so much ^^

  2. Thanks for sharing the moment through your blog Glad that you both enjoyed! :-)