Thursday, March 10, 2011

THURSDATE: Galvanic Spa Experience

After depriving myself of chocolate and MyLot in observance to Ash Wednesday,it's time to pamper myself together with girlfriend, Shirley, with FREE -yes you heard it right- Galvanic Spa experience, yipeee!

Coach Dyan, one of my girlfriends, who works for  Nuskin, invited us (Shirley and I)to experience the wonders of NuSkin products. These days nobody would pass the chance of getting a free facelift. So, when coach Dyan invited us, we said, " YES! ..." without having second thoughts.

The Pharaphernalias

The first picture is the facial spa essentials. That's the galvanic spa on the second picture.Coach Dyan used these products to rejuvinate our dull skin. The galvanic spa will deliver the ingredients right into our skin with its low-level galvanic currents. With galvanic spa, you won't need to undergo botox or surgical facelift to achieve a youthful skin.You can even use it at home.

Okay, we are not really proud of our skin here. I just want to show how we looked like before the treatment.

After washing our faces with Pure Cleansing Gel, Shirley was ready for the second step; non-surgical facelift.

Be careful , I'm ticklish.

To achieve the temporary lift and firm when you want to look at your best, the Face Lift Powder and Lift Activator will do the wonders for you.

Don't make me laugh. 
You can also use the product as nose strip. Girls... I tell you, it's really effective. You'll see your whiteheads when you strip off the tissue from your nose.

So, this is how we'll look like after twenty years, LOL! That's how the product works. It lifts your skin and thightens your pores.


 Face Lift Powder , Lift Activator and Glacial Marine Mud

Waiting  for the mud to get completely dry before rinseng it off. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin but you'll feel that it's lifting your face.

Break a neck, LOL! This is what you call "tiis-ganda".

For the final touch up, Nu skin's Nu Colour Tinted Moisturizer will make your skin moisturized and photoready.

We want to share to you our FREE GALVANIC SPA EXPERIENCE if you're
interested just let us know.

We should have asked the passers-by to have our photos taken...hayst.


  1. wow! I envy you! I want it too! Take me there please! ahaha

  2. Sure! Just inform me your available time. kasi we need minimum of 3, maximum of 5 dapat