Saturday, March 19, 2011

Are you suffering from Hyperhidrosis?

While some lucky people were born with silver spoon in their mouths, I was born with sweaty palms. Yes, I have hyperhidrosis and have been perenially suffering excessive sweating of palms. I sweat when it's humid , when it's cold or even  when the a/c is on. Much more when I feel stressed or nervous.Well, there are times that I don't sweat on rare occasions.

I have tried different kinds of treatments. In 1998, my dermatologist prescribed  a topical medicine, Aluminum hydrochloride, to alleviate my hyperhidrosis. You just need to swab a cotton with the solution on your palms. You can also apply it to your soles. However it didn't work effectively because the sweating only stopped whenever I was inside an airconditioned room. So I refrained from using it because I wasn't satisfied with the results. My dermatologist suggested  that I  undergo surgery. I forgot how it was called, but when she explained the procedure to me,it scared the hell out  of me. She said, they will cut the nerve that triggers my sweat glands that produce excessive sweating.It will be a major surgery so they will have to sedate me during the whole procedure.It is  very delicate that they could not afford to commit a mistake otherwise it will paralyze the patient. At that time, this procedure was only done at St.Luke's Medical Center and according to her, they have successfully performed the operation to a male patient. Since, I heard that they have done it only once at that time. I decided not to undergo surgery.

These days because of  advanced Science and Technology, there are different ways to alleviate, if not totally halt, excessive sweating:

1. Iontophoresis - It is a machine with weak electric current.The concept behind the treatment is that the minerals that the ions bring into your skin temporarily fill up your sweat pores. They form thick deposits inside the pores of the hands and feet. These minerals prevent sweating by blocking up the sweat pores. This means you won’t suffer any sweating at all. The results of iontophoresis are very similar to botox or other types of hyperhydrosis.

I underwent this treatment in 2003. This treatment is available at DERMCLINIC at SM Southmall and other selected branches. Each treatment cost 2,500. You need to attend several treatments to see the results. 

Photo :

2. Botox - this treatment is gaining huge popularity. It is not only used to reduce fine wrinkles in your face.Belo Aesthetic Center offers this treatment for people with hyperdyrosis to temporarily stop excessive sweating. However, you need to repeat the procedure after 6 months. I have never tried this one. Aside from it cost an arm and a leg; I am also scared of the side effects.

 3. Driclor- the safest and most effective way to reduce excessive sweating. The key ingredient is Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate. It is a topical medicine that looks like a roll-on deodorant. You need to apply it last thing in the evening before going to bed on dry hands or soles.You can also apply it on other parts of your body like soles, armpits, and back. Make sure to rinse your hands in the morning.  With continuous use, you will see the results. You can use it every other night or thrice a week when you feel that your sweating is reduced.

This product is available at all MERCURY DRUG outlets for Php 845.

                                            I have tried this product and it really works!!

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