Monday, February 14, 2011

Go Organic!

Ever since I underwent surgery of benign breast mass and was diagnosed with endometriosis I didn't only steer clear of processed food - well, I indulge once in a while hehehehe...uhmm...I rarely eat them these days - I also stopped donning on products with paraben and other  carcinogenic ingredients.

 Human Nature Hearts Products from GANDANG KALIKASAN INC. does not only manufacture 100% pure organic products but they also help our less fortunate fellows have livelihood.  Below are the products that I use.

I shooe away pesky mosquitoes with Citronella Bug Spray. It's not sticky like Off Lotion and it's safe for kids. For Php 84.75 you'll be proctected from dengue.

I just love its scent. Paraben free!! No Phthalates,SLS, formaldehyde and other toxic ingredients.The key ingredients are Cocoa butter,beeswax, goat's milk, purified water , mango fragrance oil and natural vitamin E.
I use this before I go to sleep at night.

One of my favorites. It does not only minimize dark circles around the eyes, it also has anti-aging properties.And there's more, massage it in your underarms to help soften, smoothen and give a lighter
appearance. Rachel Grant, 2010's bond girl applies this to her hair to get a natural healthy shine.

This product also has a sweet smelling scent. But! if you sweat a lot or you have an active lifestyle you have to reapply this deodorant once in a while. This is not alcohol based that why it does not repress your sweat glands unlike the deodorants in the department stores. Costs Php 79.75 for 50ml bottle. *TRICLOSAN FREE!

 Triclosan is a chlorophenol, a class of chemicals suspected of causing cancer in humans.The companies that manufacture and use triclosan claim it is safe. However, it is registered as a pesticide with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Pesticides are chemicals designed to kill some life form.It is commonly found in detergents, dishwashing liquids, kitchen sponges, soaps, deodorants, cosmetics, lotions, antimicrobial creams, acne medications, skin cleansers, toothpaste, mouthwashes, various plastics including children's toys, paint, wallpaper, flooring, textiles, curtains, sandal foot beds, public railings, keyboards, countertops, faucets, even dog bowls.

Finally, there's all natural feminine wash. Also paraben free and does not cause irritation.

HumanHeartNature has tons of products that are non-toxic which you could choose from. They have shampoo, body wash, Hair wax, Hand sanitizer, Malunggay based facial wash, toners and a whole lot more!

Another products that I love are from NuSkin. I got them as a gift from a couple friend of mine ( because they are couple LOL!) Dyan and Ry.

Epoch shampoo with light conditioner is made from true ava puhi bulb extract. It makes your hair soft and manageable.While the body lufra makes your skin feeling soft and smooth. It really helps improve the condition of your skin but you only have to use it 3 times a week.

It really pays to be concious about the products that we use and the food that we eat.If have known the harmful effects of the products out there, I might not have undergone breast cystectomy or have acquired endometriosis.

You can hardly see these products at the malls.However, there are kiosks in selected malls where you can avail of these products.

Want to know more about HumanHeartsNature and NuSkin products? I'll be more than glad to answer your comments and queries. Post your comments sissies and bros! :P=


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