Thursday, June 12, 2014

Book Haul

These are the books I hoarded last week. 

I haven't read a Levithan book before. His book seems interesting. It's a story of a genderless character who wakes up everyday in another person's body but remains in love with one person. Intriguing,isn't ?

Maybe One Day, is a story of friendship. Zoe and Olivia are best friends who have big dreams. Later on, Olivia gets sick with Leukemia.  Another cancer book which I hope won't be a flop like TFIOS.

I am curious why TFIOS is all the rage . I had already bought the Filipino edition when I discovered that powerbooks in Alabang restocked more copies. So I have Filipino and English versions.

     I found two interesting books at Powerbooks sale - both 70% off.  Literary horror novel slash historical fiction, The Black Isle is authored by Sandi Tan. It is a story of a woman who has third eye. Second, a young adult book,The Great Call of China, written by Cynthia Liu. Honestly, I bought this book only because of its cover lol.

                                          Which of the novels you want me to write a book review?

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Beautiful Sunday #3

Hi guys! I had a jam-packed week because I wanted to make the most out of the remaining days before June kicks in. In a few days, I will be back in the world of academe.yay! Three days ago , 28th May , my parents celebrated their  35th wedding anniversary and we had a solemn celebration. I did not bring my camera and cellphone that day because I just wanted to be in the moment. Anyhoo, it was a day well-spent with my family.

How time flies! Allow me to share how I spent the last week of May. 

Finally, Shirley ( my highschool buddy and Chelsea's mom) and I were able to lunch out at Vikings Moa. It's been a yore since  we ate out. She had been cajoling me for weeks to try the food at Vikings even before I came back home for Korea . Indeed, the food was delicious especially the Lechon and the baked oysters.

Shaina and Patricia are my former 3rd grade and 5th grade pupils. Both of them are now in Junior college.We talked about anything that girls could talk about hahaha. Hay... these girls talked about kikay stuff na unlike when they were kids, they would tell me about their favorite cartoon characters especially Patricia. Shaina has had her long straight waist length  brown hair since 8 years old. She never cuts her hair short and she looks exactly the same when she was in third grade hahaha. 

I try my best to catch up with my former students, if my hectic schedules allow. Of course, all of my students have a special place in my heart. However, not many of them can say yes to get together because of their busy schedules. Thanks heaven for the social networking sites , I can still keep in touch with other former students.

Things I got over the week.

A new book " The Story of Beautiful Girl". I got this book because the synopsis was very interesting and the book was written by Rachel Simon,the author of " Riding the Bus with my Sister".

What's up with loom bands? I wonder why a lot of teenagers and even adults go gaga over it. Chelsea,made me one, the gold and black combi. The three-toned glow in the dark naman was made by her dad. They gave it to me kasi wala lang usa  daw eh. :)

I got tired of sporting red or warm rouge so I decided to try Maybelline's Color Sensational lipstick in NUDE NU34S and PINK ME UP 045. The former makes my lips dry ; it doesn't jive on my lips but latter is really nice. It appears very natural and it compliments my skin tone,too. This will be my signature lipstick while it lasts ,bye bye red lipstick!

It's summer and pastel colored clothes are the in thing , same goes with nail polish . Usong-uso sa Korea yung aqua blue but I could not find the right shade for my skin tone. I doubted if pastel colors would suit me kasi I am on  the darker side of the skin strata, but the sales clerk suggested these colors and she is also morena. Sige na nga I am actually so sold to my multicolored nails. Hindi naman pinintasan ni Mama so i think it looks fine.

On my pinky : Maybelline Color Show in Shocking Seas 303.
Ring finger : Revlon Brilliant Strength in Fascinate 050
Middle finger : Revlon ColorStay Longwear Enamel in Cafe Pink 060
Index finger : Nature Republic Colorwaltz in Lavander Pink
Thumb       : Faceshop Face It in GL112

That's it friends! I am off to The Feast Alabang . Have a Happy Sunday friends!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's Thursday! Yehey!

Hi guys! It's Thursday,yehey :) My favorite day of the week. Why Thursday? Hmmmm, because it's the least busiest  day of the week for me. Also, I like to run errands  and to catch up with friends on Thursdays.I don't know if it's just me, I noticed that there are less bustle and  hubhub on the streets on Thursdays.

 Anyway,Today, I am meeting up with two of my former elementary students.Both of them are in the university now. I am looking forward to hearing their adventures and little endeavors (for now because soon they will have bigger achievements). 

Before I start my day, I would like to share this beautiful quote :  

Happy Thursday friends!! 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Chillin' with my Goddaughter at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

I had a great bonding time with my goddaughter,Chelsea. We watched a movie and killed time at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery.  Guess what we watched?

Spiderman 2.

Hahahaha.Bagong-bago di ba.

Ang sad ng ending...Nevertheless, I enjoyed my goddaughter's company. After watching the movie, I brought her to Vanilla Cupcake Bakery,my favorite chill out spot, for a sweet treat. She's not into fast-food so I thought she would love the cupcakes and the shabby chic interiors.  I am glad that she liked the cupcakes and she told me that the place was so cute like in the movie Alice in the wonderland.

Outside the store you can see the  list of the cupcakes they serve. There are 69 varieties of cupcakes you can choose from.

Here's how Vanilla Cupcake Bakery looks like inside

                                                                         Cozy chairs

It's really a relaxing place to hang out with friends.

I am crushing on this beautiful polka dot chair . Not sure if this is a Daphne Chair.

Pretty chandeliers  

And their smashing vanilla cupcakes!

 My favorites are Vanilla Pink, Vanilla Blue and Bubblegum. Their cupcakes range from 95php to 150php per piece. It was my  second time here. Few months back their Vanilla Blue costs only 75php but today it costs 90 php. The price does not matter ; the cakes are heavenly naman.  Here are what we ate :

Last time I came here, I ordered Red Velvet but I wanted to try something new so I ordered Bubblegum for me and Chelsea. It's so delicious without the umay factor. The moist vanilla muffin melts in your  mouth.

Succulent, rich and creamy Oreo Cheesecake. Those who have sweet-tooth will adore this. It costs 140 pesos with additional 50 pesos for the cupcake topper.

My all time favorite Vanilla Blue cupcake. Moist muffin, with just-the-right-amount-of-sweetness  frosting and white choco sprinkles.You must try this one if you haven't tasted it yet.Chelsea loved the Oreo Cheesecake that she brought home one for her baby brother.

Outside is a nice garden set-up but we opted to stay indoors because it was high noon and the sun was piping hot.

Since, my goddaughter is somehow a teenager ( 11 years old) , I took the chance to chitchat about stuff
( you know girly teenage thing) and school without trying to sound like a nosey godmother lol. I like having moments like this with my godchildren - I have 8 godchildren- because kids nowadays are way different from the past. Apart from their biological parents, godparents also must share the responsibilities of raising godfearing kids. Thanks heaven, Chelsea is super kind and a very well-mannered girl. Kudos to her parents!

So, what's your favorite cupcake at Vanilla cupcake bakery? Do you also love bonding with your godchild/godchildren ? I am looking forward to reading your lovely experiences.


VANILLA CUPCAKE BAKERY - Alabang Town Center branch
Upper Ground Level, Corte de las Palmas,
Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila

Friday, May 16, 2014

Hana and the Gang.

Hey friends!! I am back in the Philippines! I literally received a warm welcome. Could you imagine arriving at quarter past 12 midnight with a temperature of 33 degree Celsius? Coming from a chilly and dewy weather from Korea, I felt like I was going to faint. It was hotter than hell! I felt like going to the check-in counter to go back to Korea. When pigs fly! My husband stayed a bit longer there because of work so  solo flight ako pabalik. My senora days were over -- back to reality!

Few days before I left Korea, I met this little kid named Hana ,who live around  our neighborhood, while I was at the playground. She was gathering small pebbles with her friends. Natigilan sya when she saw me ; maybe I appeared so adorable (chos!) to her because she could not take her eyes off me.

Then finally, she approached me and said , " annyeonhaseyo" .  

"annyeong"  I replied.

She started talking in Korean which I barely understood because of my limited Korean vocabulary. I thought maybe she asked what  my name was. So , I said: "Chunon Jeanette Imnida"

And because she had heard me spoke the same language, she assumed that I was Korean. Suddenly she started making kwento na!  Then, she pointed at my camera. I took a picture of her. To her delight she flashed a grin that stretched from her ears to China.

She could not stop talking. Such a chinky chatterbox!  Then, she called in her gang. I figured, perhaps they were asking me questions because of the rising intonation at the end of their sentences. Ay caramba! I was being interviewed by these small people. They were talking in unison so I felt like I was lost in front of these cute scalawags.

" I can only speak English!! hahahaha",  I said.

They were all dumbfounded as if they heard an alien garbling. Look at their startled faces.

When my husband came, he spoke to witty Hana. He translated what the little girl had said. According to him, little Hana wanted to borrow my camera because pink was her favorite color. She also wanted to know where I came from , where my house was and why I was at the playground.

Imbestigador  ang batang ito.Hahahaha!

Before leaving, I allowed her to touch my camera. She was so happy that she gave me a high five.

Yun pala ang trip nya! Akala ko gandang ganda sa akin.

Kids are adorable , aren't they?

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Buddha!

Last Monday was Seokgatansinil ( 석가탄신일(釋迦誕辰日) or Buddha's Birthday. It is one of the public holidays in Korea. Even though my Korean family is Christian ,we woke up early so we could go to the Buddhist Temple before noon to pay homage to Buddha.

This is  the closest Buddhist Temple that we could go to. We did not dare go to bigger temples otherwise we would get caught in heavy traffic and long queues again. We already learned our lesson from last week's holiday.

The ajuma (manang in vernacular)  at the temple entrance pinned yellow ribbons on our shirts in honor of the victims of sunken South Korean ferry.

Lanterns adorn the Buddhist temple.

According to my husband, the pieces of paper that are attached to the lanterns are names of  donors and benefactors.

More lanterns inside the temple

I was not able to take a picture of the temple's facade because the manangs were speaking under their noses lols. I guess they were irritated. But I was not the only one taking pictures. Maybe masyado lang obvious ung camera ko, other people kasi were using their handphones and pasimple magpicture-picture hmmmp!

                  Anyway highway, look at this structure next to the temple. Ang ganda noh? 

Me: yobo! Let's eat at this restuarant. Maybe they serve special food because it's                   holiday.

Husband : Go inside.

Shucks , banyo pala. lols. Thank God, majority ng mga Koreans dun hindi naintindihan ang English.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Beautiful Sunday #2

Hi! I am posting my Beautiful Sunday on a Monday -:) I was so wiped out last night after my Sunday bonding with my husband .It was Children's Day yesterday in Korea,though we are not kids anymore, nakisabay kami sa Holiday. I think this will be the last time na makakisabay kami sa holiday EVERRR!

To the highest level ang mga pila! 

I have been here in Korea several times but this was the first time I saw so many people out on the streets of downtown Jeonju.

Ansave ng pila ng J.CO?! According to my husband, this bakery has been serving Korean's discriminating taste buds since 1969. They must have been  serving  out of this world treats. Kelangan matikman ko to!

I was starved to death ; I thought I would pass out. So we opted to buy  grilled octopus ;  mas maikli ang pila. Pantawid gutom.


Thank heavens busog na. Tara! gala gallore na!

Jeondong Park
What makes this stretch in Jeondong park interesting is the fusion of modern and classical architecture. The picture on lower right  is the parking lot and on the upper right is the Hanok , guestroom in English. On the left side is a modern building that houses cosmetic stores, cafes, convenience store and several  knick knacks stores.

If you want to experience living in Korean traditional house Hanuk Stay is for you. I think the best season to experience Hanuk is spring time because the weather is just perfect and very conducive for exploring the national parks and visiting the landmarks.

First stop : Rice wine museum

 I accidentally tapped one of the bottles and nagdomino effect sya mga friends! I was so embarrassed. Imagine, I had to run after the rolling wine bottles so they won't fall off from the wooden platform and break into pieces.  Kahiya!

Miniature of traditional rice wine making

Naki bato na rin ako ng coins 

Next stop : Embroidery  and Antique museum

antique sewing machine


Antique rice holder 

Makakajevs pa ba kayo kung ganito ang arinola nyo?

Gintong antique na arinola! 

On streets of Jeondong:  

Real life Korean novela . Parang nanonood ka lang ng telenovela di ba?

Handmade toys

 Make and eat your own pancakes

Cute hair accessories

Kung trip nyo magpagawa ng painting ng jowa mo,pwede. - :)

 ahhh ice cream cone pala yun !

Of course ,our Sunday will not be complete without going to the church. I could not believe my eyes super dami tao this Sunday and kanya- kanyang selfie . 

Say Kimchi! 

Akala ko ba Children's day? I could count on my fingers the number of children I saw on the streets. Mukhang puro mga isip bata lang nakita ko e  -:) 

That's it pancit! How's your Sunday?